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The second annual Star Trek and pop culture convention – Trekonderoga – was held in Ticonderoga, New York on August 12-14 this year. Paid attendance at the event doubled from last year to over 600 persons, with an additional over 60 volunteer staff helping with the convention. The Trekonderoga conventions are a partnership between James Cawley, the Ticonderoga Revitalization Alliance, and the scores of volunteers who helped create the studio sets over many years, and to staff the conventions.

Exciting Events

Events were held at various locations in Ticonderoga, including the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour on Montcalm Street, the North Country Community College, the Elks Club, the High School, and Bicentennial Park. Big hits again this year included tours of the meticulously re-created sets from the original Star Trek TV series, pictures and autographs with stars, and special program and presentations related to Star Trek. New events this year included free fireworks in the park, a costume contest, and an Elvis concert in the High School auditorium featuring Ticonderoga's James Cawley (with part of the proceeds from the concert going to the Kiwanis Back Pack program providing nutritious food for qualifying school students).

Boost to the Ticonderoga Economy

The Regional Office for Sustainable Tourism (ROOST) has calculated the direct economic benefits to the Ticonderoga area from Trekonderoga. This analysis is based in part on survey data from those who purchased their tickets online (the majority of ticket holders). It includes the estimated expenditures on food, lodging, etc. made by the attendees and staff, as well as the local purchases made by the convention organizers. ROOST's calculations are that the direct economic expenditures totaled approximately $155,000. This is more than double the amount ROOST calculated for the first Trekonderoga convention in 2015. The convention also boosted area tourism by drawing in new visitors, with over 40% of the survey respondents saying that this was their first visit to Ticonderoga, and Trekonderoga – 2016 received major media attention.

In addition, the convention generated substantial "ripple effects" through indirect economic impacts, such as purchases of additional supplies by local businesses, and other local spending. Using the multiplier of 1.2 generated by 

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similar events in the area, these indirect impacts are an estimated $185,000. This gives an estimated total direct and indirect economic benefit to the area from Trekonderoga – 2016 of approximately $340,000. Combined with the estimated direct and indirect economic benefits from the Trekonderoga convention last year, the two Trekonderoga conventions together have brought an estimated over one half million dollars in economic benefits to the Ticonderoga area in the year from September 2015 through August 2016.

Strong Local Support

The organizers would like to thank those in Ticonderoga who supported the convention, including the Town government (including the Highway Department and Police Department), the Fire Department, NCCC, the Elks,

 the Central School District office, St. Mary's School, Sun Community News, the local businesses who provided special discounts during the convention, and all those who welcomed the numerous visitors to Ticonderoga.

James Cawley Obtains CBS License for Studio Tours

In August 2016 James Cawley concluded an agreement with CBS for a license for the studio on Montcalm Street as an official "Star Trek Original Series Studio Tour" – the only one of its kind in the country. The tours are going well indeed, and will be open for much of the year. This will be a strong draw to bring new visitors to the Ticonderoga area, and for more of the 70,000 tourists who visit Fort Ticonderoga each year to also come to downtown Ticonderoga.

Live Long and Prosper! (Vulcan greeting from Star Trek)


The Ticonderoga Revitalization Alliance is a not-for-profit local development corporation whose mission is to help restore economic prosperity in the Ticonderoga region by serving as a catalyst for public-private partnerships and investment opportunities.

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